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Our company is a distributor of technology solutions for project markets and retail. We operate across a dozen time zones, promote hundreds of vendors, and connect thousands of businesses. Every product we deliver through the channel is accompanied by our own high-tech, expert, digital and intelligent services. We sharpen our distribution skills every day to keep our partners successful.

IT and Humanity

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Distribution as a Services


Distribution • Regional office • Lead generation & processing • Deal registration • Rebates • Partner network setup • Government procurement support • Telesales

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Delivery and Shipping • Storage and warehousing • 3rd party goods imports • Temporary imports • Authorization documents

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Leasing • IFRS/Russian accounting standards/paperwork • Segregated accounts • Scoring • Factoring

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Public & Media relations • Internet marketing • Corporate Merchandise • Creative studio • Localization of marketing activities • Marketing reports • Event management • Online event management • Marketing Campaigns • Regional Tech showrooms

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Outsourcing • Demo equipment and samples • Training • Support • Service Centre • Pearson Vue Certification Centre

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EDI • EDO • C2P • Cloud Marketplace • B2B • API

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Active recreation, entertainment

Certificates of service support

Computers, laptops, tablets

Control and security tools

Engineering infrastructure

Expendable materials

Household appliances and electronics

Network Equipment

Advantages of working with Aliance TT


Presale, technical consultations, other professional services, 1st and 2nd line of technical support and warranty services for partners and their customers per vendor's standards and guidelines by Aliance TT.


Finance services from distributor are designed to build safe and cost effective model for suppliers and vendors with advanced instruments like bank guarantee and flexible payment.


The company provides global operations by way of an advanced logistics & transportation worldwide. Distributor is able to operate various transportation options for delivery from abroad as well as international warehousing and transportation insurance.


Over 27+ years of experience, conveyed by 5,800 experts on the planet's

  • Vendor partner status including certifications
  • Internal team with specific assigned roles
  • Historical and planned competition map
  • KPI setup & execution
  • Shipments, trainings, marketing and events
  • Pipeline generation activities and expected ROI
  • Partners shadowing in sales process
  • Rhythm of Business

Our Priorites

Distribution as a Service​

Demand generation

Reaching customers

Smart offerings


Aliance TT principles for working with end-customers:

  • All bids, including the prices and conditions to be reviewed by customer, are submitted only by vendors/distributors. Dealers are not allowed to submit bids for such deals.
  • If tender procedures are required to initiate a contract, the customer indicates the participant profile to be a "vendor" or "distributor" under the participant requirements section.
  • Customers initiate contracts by a public request for proposal announcement to the IT market/community.
  • Vendors authorize direct sales to a customer
Aliance Telecom Tecnology

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